Good reasons

What we do best

We dare say that you won't find another house like ours in the entire Dolomite-range. It’s almost 100 years old and yet beautifully youthful, thanks to a loving and competent restoration. And there’s Monika’s enchanted herb garden, the "homemade-handmade" breakfast, a wonderful view of the mountains from the seminar room, the swimming pool and the sauna. 

Time out - Nature

We know exactly what you like about our house: the deep quiet and unique atmosphere.

Herb garden

 "Bringing people back in touch with nature, showing them all the things that grow around us. Passing on the ancient knowledge of our wise ancestors... This is my greatest satisfaction."
- Monika Messner  

Swimming pool & sauna

Wellness, our way: get back from a long strenuous hike in the mountains and dip your tired legs into the pool and soak in the views over the Odle peaks.


Enjoy our rich buffet of homemade products: bread, cake, jams, herbal water and more. 

Conference room

If you are used to organising seminars, you know that the location is key. The right seminar room will help both attendees and organisers to feel more creative, motivated and just at ease with each other.

Yoga room

Very few distractions (except for the enchanting landscape at our doorstep) and a very serene atmosphere in a house with few guests: the ideal prerequisites for a successful course, workshop, meeting or gatherings of any kind.

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