Enjoy your breakfast with us

Start your day with the right foot

Is there anything better than treating your body and soul to a healthy breakfast whilst on holiday? And if you want, you could also prepare your own in your apartment... Because there are days when you just want to be alone or with your loved ones. 

For all the other days, there’s our breakfast room: the morning sun shines through the many windows and rests on your lovingly prepared breakfast table... elegant fabrics and sometimes even antique porcelain. Enjoy our rich buffet of homemade products: bread, cake, jams, herbal water and more. Free unlimited hot drinks and freshly prepared eggs, the way you like them.

“I love:…

the crochet decorations on the old linen curtains.
The colours and shapes tell stories of ancient bourgeois times,
the materials remind me of the country life. A striking combination."
– Monika Messner

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