Villa Messner

A retreat for the soul, a place for your family in the Dolomites

Light and air, stunning views and breath-taking nature from every balcony, from every window, at any time of day – this is the Villa Messner.

Our house tells (almost) a hundred years of history discreetly and spontaneously. At the same time, it creates space for every moment of your holiday: for relaxation, happiness, breath-taking views and reflective breaks.

In one of our eighteen apartments, in the breakfast room, on the lawn, in the swimming pool.

History & Philosophy

Our valerian says: Everything is fine.
Come back, back to yourself.
Holidays at Villa Messner -
natural, relaxing, soothing.

Stories and history

90 years is a long time. In these last 90 years our house has seen many changes.

Hoteliers with a heart

Neither of us was born hotelier, it was all a big coincidence.
When we took over the old "doctor’s house" we also took on an entirely new role, slowly developing a passion for this task. The Villa Messner is exactly what we wanted it to be a guesthouse built of memories... and we’re an integral part of this project, not just bystanders. 

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