Monika & Hansjörg Messner

Hoteliers with a heart

Neither of us was born hotelier, it was all a big coincidence.
When we took over the old "doctor’s house" we also took on an entirely new role, slowly developing a passion for this task. The Villa Messner is exactly what we wanted it to be a guesthouse built of memories... and we’re an integral part of this project, not just bystanders. 

They’re are both crafts people: Monika is a professional tailor and spent most of her life making her own traditional costumes or adapting old costumes for new customers. To this day she’s preserved a strong passion for beautiful fabrics and patterns, a staggering love for detail. Hansjörg, on the other hand, is a master painter, one that is able to provide a whole range of services for restorations and modern projects. 

In our opinion, people feel particularly comfortable in places that bear and tell exciting stories and allow for new relationships to bloom.

We decided to become hoteliers because we wanted to give our guests a space where they could find themselves, a quiet environment, both acoustically and visually. And the natural landscape of the Val di Funes is a perfect setting for this. 


 "Suitable for human beings: that’s what it is.
We don’t pretend to have a lot on offer, 
but what you get is honest, deep and sincere."

Monika Messner

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